Missions in the C&MA
 The Christian and Missionary Alliance has a Mission Statement:
  "We desire to know Jesus Christ as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King and to complete His Great Commission."
As The Alliance, we are one of God's end-times families raised up by God to complete His Great Commission. We provide humanity's single most needed resource -the love of Jesus -while we fulfill our God-appointed role working together rather than independently.
 The essence of our calling is summed up in a single word:
. In a world that has romanticized and sexualized love, the church has a beautiful opportunity to show the love of God Himself. Yet, each local church must ask, "Have we confused being 'nice' or 'neighborly for being truly loving? Do the people of our community see us as a loving people? Are we dependent upon the Spirit to live His loving fruit through us?
" We celebrate that our God is a speaking God who has revealed Himself to us. The Bible is our inspired text, which He will never contradict. We are commissioned to
 His message in word and deed. We will "not be ashamed of the gospel" but serve as "Christ's ambassadors." And so we ask ourselves, "Are we students of the Scripture? Do our sermons and life messages arise from the Word? Do we have a listening ear for His voice? Are our words and lives proclaiming His truth? Do we both 'show' and 'tell' the truth? "
We are called to prayerfully seek to reach:
People on the Move: The world's population is shifting and nations are coming to our neighborhoods. Is our church fully participating in this unprecedented opportunity to share the gospel?
People of All Ages: Has our church been guilty of seeing children, the disabled, the senior adult, or anyone as less important than everyone else?
People Lacking Access: As 4,075 peoples are still to be reached, have we joined the Alliance family in taking seriously our assignment to participate in bringing the gospel to them?  
To accomplish the call God has given to us, we must see the entire body of Christ mobilized for Kingdom service. May God allow us to launch new waves of godly people as full participants in Christ's service: evangelizing, church planting, generously giving, boldly praying, and joyfully creating.-. So, as a church, we would do well to ask ourselves, "Does our congregation know their spiritual gifting? Have we found meaningful ways to serve Christ through our gifts? What hindrances do people encounter when wanting to be more engaged in Kingdom service? What can our church do to open the door to service more widely? "
This month of October, we celebrate missions with our annual missions festival, and the promotion tool called the "Faith Promise" which allows each person or family to decide for themselves how much to stretch their giving beyond normal church support, to fund missions to put missionaries on the ground telling the nations about the love of Jesus. What will YOUR family decide?
For more information, contact the church office at 218-326-4929 or email