Erik and I are very excited about the new posters you may have noticed at church. This ministry tool came about through the input from the Elders at the Elder Retreat earlier this year and our own passion for Christ and His church family here at GRAC. Josh Johnson of Upland Advertising (son-in-law of Roy and Cheryl Johnson) helped us create this communication tool that reminds us to be Great Commission involved and understand a Biblical process for Disciple-Making. Find-Be-Do Vision: Lost people seek until they FIND Jesus. Each disciple has their own story of how they found Jesus and came to understand God’s love for the sinner that sent Jesus to be the sacrifice for our sin and for the sin of the world. Profession of faith in Jesus Christ receiving his sacrifice for us and giving our lives to God is the critical action that transforms the sinner to BE a disciple. That action is a commitment of all we are and have to Jesus. We die (spiritually) to ourselves and let Jesus Christ live His life in and through us. “Therefore if anyone is in Christ the old is gone the new has come. (2 Corinthians 5:17) Baptism should soon follow since it is a formal identification witnessing that we are in Christ. Christ-like character, passions, and desires will soon appear as the fruit of this transformation. DOing these things naturally flow out of BEING. By intentional acts of Christ-like love we provide the light others in darkness need to discover Jesus and the disciple-making process begins for a new follower of Jesus. All this is powered by the love of God as the Holy Spirit indwells the disciple and overflows to influence another lost person to seek Jesus.
The Shepherd’s Voice Pastor Randy Junker
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