The Shepherd’s Voice Pastor Randy Junker  We are all very aware of the C&MA logo standing for the centrality and all sufficiency of Jesus Christ for our body, soul, and spirit. The cross stands for the atoning substitute of Jesus once for all paying the ultimate payment of His innocent body for all of man’s sin. Christ Jesus is our Savior. The crown is quickly affirmed as the royal symbol of a King’s crown. Jesus is our coming King. The pitcher on the left side as one views it from the front is a pitcher of oil. Christ’s atoning work is a work of total redemption soul, spirit and BODY. Our mortal bodies were infected by death when sin entered our world. Jesus did not neglect the body when he came to deliver us from sins of all and every kind. The pitcher of oil reminds us of Christ Jesus’ healing ministry then, and now, and fully in a glorified resurrected body some day. Jesus is our Healer. The symbol of Christ our sanctifier is that goblet looking thing on the right side of the logo. Many wonder what it is and why does it represent sanctification. It is the laver, or basin, was a large bowl filled with water located halfway between the brazen altar and the Holy Place of the Tabernacle. Although God did not give specific measurements for the Laver, it was to be made entirely of bronze. It was made from the mirrors the women were given from the Egyptians when they exited their slavery. The priests were to wash their hands and their feet there before entering the Holy Place. This ritual washing was their preparation to serve God’s people. They were set apart as holy before God empowered by His calling to be the go between for sinful man and a holy God. The laver was located in a convenient place for washing and stood as a reminder that people need cleansing before approaching God. The priests atoned for their sins through a sacrifice at the brazen altar, but they cleansed themselves at the laver before serving in the Holy Place, so that they would be pure and not die before a holy God. The application for believers today is that we are a holy priesthood (check out 1 Peter 2:9) with Jesus Christ as our great high priest. We represent God to this world. It is not limited to pastors. Those in Christ are sanctified to serve; to bring people to God and God to people in this world. So in the morning when you wash your hands at your laver (sink) ask God to set yourself apart to priestly service.