WHERE ARE YOU?” It was a question that seemed strange to me.
Senior Pastor Randy Junker  ……..Associate Pastor Erik Kling
Not that it was a strange question or one that was strange to ask. But the question was being asked in the beginning of a conversation between two people on the telephone. In the past if you called someone, or were being called, both you and person on the other end of the phone were at home. That’s where their phone was and they were on the phone at their home. Cell phones, smart phones, this society altering phenomenon that a Pastor, a shepherd of the flock of God, studies because it affects people and affects ministry to people. Now when calling someone you do not know where they are or, ironically, you know actually exactly where they are through a satellite global positioning technology. I was thinking about this because we (Elders, Erik, and I) are taking a fresh look at the mission of the church of disciple, and how we evaluate our needs and progress in that area of ministry. As a pastor the disciple making progress seems to be illustrated in the shepherd and sheep roles. So when I read Jesus’ story of the lost sheep it occurs to me that the sheep that are lost to the shepherd because, on the one hand he does not know where they are and, on the other hand they are not together with the other sheep. Are they in danger, hurting, or just exploring new vistas? But wherever they are and whatever they are doing it is not together with the rest of the flock. My theme for the church in 2015-2016 ministry year is “Following Christ Together.” So you can see why my thoughts are where they are. How can we experience discipleship together when we are not all together all the time? How can we keep connected?