“The Circular Pathway“ by Ken Miller It was a typical hot and muggy day when I crossed the stage at Staples High School to grasp my diploma. I had completed all the classes required. A few years later I did the same, for what was then, Moorhead State University. As a child I went through Cub Scouts, then into Boy Scouts on my way to Eagle Scout-which I did not attain. Seeking a ham radio license, I started on the path from Novice Class, moving to General Class and finally reaching Advanced Class. All the above have two things in common. First, they are pathways to be traveled to reach goals. If we wish to graduate from high school, we must take the classes required. It is the same with college. There is a beginning and an end. We can also see a pathway that leads from Cub to Eagle Scout. The day I passed my Advanced Class test, I nearly flew out the door! The second thing this list has in common with itself is that the pathways are linear. That means there is a start and a finish. Once I passed my physics class in high school, I didn’t need to take it again after I graduated. I have the diploma in my mitt. When I earned a merit badge in Boy Scouts- it is a sign I met the requirements for that merit badge and need not work for it again. Is the Find, Be, Do pathway to discipleship, therefore, a linear one? I think not. Did I understand the fullness of God’s love the first time I believed it? Do I even understand its fullness now? Are His mercies not new every morning? Does not the Christian life move from glory to glory? The temptation with our Find, Be, Do is to think that once we find Find, that’s it. Once we Be, we can move onto Do and voila! We’ve arrived? A graphic of Find, Be, Do was featured on page one of the Ambassador newsletter in January of this year. At first glance, I thought it was a doughnut. (It made me hungry.) Kathy explained to me that the words: Find, Be, Do were written inside my doughnut and that there were arrows indicating that there was no end to the circular pathway-of life in Christ Jesus. Amen.