I’m NEW here? Where is Grand Rapids Alliance Church located? We are directly across from the Grand Rapids Itasca County Airport, on the corner of 7th Avenue SE and 17th St. SE.  Our main entrance is located on 7th Avenue SE and our mailing address is 600 17th ST SE. Click here for map Where do my kids go during the service? Our nursery is for children 0-2 years of age and is located on the same floor as our sanctuary.  Children 3-7 will begin the worship service with their parents and will later be dismissed to attend Children’s Church, which meets on the upper level. What if I come from a different faith background? Our members come from diverse faith backgrounds.  Together, we focus on biblical truth and our love for Jesus.  Our relationship with Jesus is what’s important. What takes place during the worship time? We begin our service with a song of praise, a reading of the scripture and then the opportunity to greet each other.  The greeting time is very informal with many people moving around the sanctuary to greet one another.  Many friendly people, some whom you may already know, will greet you.  Be assured that we are glad you are here. What is prayer and sharing time? Next in our service will be a time for people to stand and verbally make requests and offer praises for answered prayer. Pastor Randy will then bring these petitions to God in prayer.
What if I don’t know the songs or don’t like to sing? You may like to join in on those songs that you know or you may just enjoy listening to others sing.  We each worship God in our own style, some like to raise their hands, some like to clap, some like to close their eyes but we all rejoice in our Lord together.   How long are the services? Our worship service begins at 10:30 and usually concludes around 11:45-12:00. What about communion? We practice an open communion on the first Sunday of the month. As long as you are a follower of Christ you are invited to partake.  The elements are passed and held and we all partake together. How should I dress? Fashion is not a priority, relationships are.  Dress however you feel comfortable. Will I be singled out as  a visitor? No. We do pass a Friendship Register during the service that all our members and guests are invited to sign.  There is a special card in the Register that is available for guests to sign if they wish.  You may turn this card in at our Connection Center, in the foyer, and receive a special gift as our appreciation of your visit.   This gives us an opportunity to get acquainted and to answer any questions you might have.