Grand Rapids C&MA Church
After a lackluster showing at our last metro quiz meet, our quizzers have been studying more than ever. Here are some fun stats: Our group of memorizers: 15 metro league quizzers 5 local quizzers who are too young for the metro league 1 other local quizzer 2 adults Memorized so far this season: 2143 total verses 27 chapters (each said at one sitting) 9 quizzers and 1 adult to have said at least one chapter Our favorite annual quiz tournament held at Crown College in January is taking a year off due to smaller numbers of quizzers and not being able to cover costs. However, a challenge has been made to see how many verses from Galatians and Ephesians individual quizzers can recite at one sitting during January 1 – 23. Some of our quizzers will be trying to recite the whole book of Galatians or Ephesians or maybe even both! Please be praying for quizzers and coaches to be encouraged and that God’s Word would sink deep into their hearts! Also know that you are never too old to start memorizing again! But watch out – it will transform you!!! Our district quizzing motto is:   Bible Quizzing Dates Sundays -  Bible Quiz practice 12:30 – 2:30 Wednesdays – Bible Quiz practice 3 – 5 at GR Library Thursdays – Bible Quiz practice 12:30 – 2:30